Thursday, 26 September 2013

Younger Home Buyers Happier In Smaller House!

Younger Home Buyers, Smaller Houses

The average size of new homes has been dropping in recent years. If you peruse the "recently sold" listings in your own neighborhood, you might be surprised to see that most sales are of smaller homes.
Many of the younger home buyers I work with are looking for smaller houses. 

Should you consider buying a home yourself? Living in a small home has many benefits.

8 reasons why you’ll actually be happier in a smaller house:

1. Easier to maintain and clean. Anyone who has owned a house knows the amount of time, energy, and effort to maintain it. All things being equal, a smaller home requires less of your time, energy, and effort to accomplish that task.

2. Less expensive. Smaller homes are less expensive to purchase and less expensive to keep (insurance, taxes, heating, cooling, electricity, etc.). A smaller house can mean a smaller house payment and lower energy and maintenance costs. It costs less to furnish a small house because you don't have two living rooms you just have the one that gets used.

3. Less debt and less risk. Dozens of on-line calculators will help you determine “how much house you can afford.” These formulas are based on net income, savings, current debt, and monthly mortgage payments. They are also based on the premise that we should spend ”28% of our net income on our monthly mortgage payments.” But if we can be more financially stable and happier by only spending 15%… then why would we ever choose to spend 28?

4. Easier to live simply. You will be less tempted to accumulate and to buy it in the first place. Moving into smaller home forces you to intentionally pare down your belongings.

5. More time. Many of the benefits above (less cleaning, less maintaining, live simply...) result in the freeing up of our schedule to pursue the things in life that really matter – you can use the extra time to read, play with your kids, cook healthful dinners or enjoy your hobbies.

6. Easier to sell/ Wider market to sell. By its very definition, a smaller, more affordable house is affordable to a larger percentage of the population than a more expensive, less affordable one. Also, energy costs continue to rise. That means energy-efficient homes, especially small energy-efficient homes, will be in high demand in the future.

7. Quality indulge. It costs a small fortune to upgrade a big apartment. You have to buy so much more that you may have to make sacrifices in terms of quality. Living in a small house means you can splurge on quality upgrades because you have less to buy.

8. Less environmental impact. A smaller home requires less resources to build and less resources to maintain. And that benefits all of us, especially young generations.

There's no doubt that small homes are seeing a resurgence as people realize how cozy, comfortable and inexpensive they can be. Smaller homes just feel good, and living in one makes it easier to be close with your family. Plus, the cost savings of smaller homes can really add up over the long term.

Your home is a very personal decision that weighs in a large number of factors. Only you know all the variables that come into play when making your decision.
I just think you could be happy in smaller house with quality… rather than the other way around.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Purchasing for the first time .

How to buy a house?

Is it your first time hunting an apartment and you need some help and tips to make sure you are on the right path? Do you want to get rid of your annoying neighbors and find a place you can spend your lifetime in peacefully?
Home buying isn’t a simple thing, and won’t happen over day. It is a process that takes time.
But don’t worry; and look no further, you are on the right page. Not only we display houses for sale on , but we will help you through this process to make sure you chose the right one.

Here are some useful tips that you will need to know and memorize.

1-     Know your budget.
You should set your own budget, and we will find you the best value for money.

2-     Buying or Renting?
It depends on where you live and how long you plan to stick around,
researchers found that in most major markets it still makes better financial sense to buy.

3-     Be ready for any down payment
What is a down payment? It is a type of payment made in cash during the onset of the purchase of the house. The payment typically represents only a percentage of the full purchase price.
Generally there are 20% down payment and you’ll need an additional 3 to 5 percent for closing costs.

4-     Bank Loan:
Determine 28% of your gross monthly income, this is the recommended percentage to use on your entire house payment: principal, interest, mortgage insurance, taxes and home insurance.
We can help you to calculate your loan here:

5-     Aim for a house you can really afford. It is a simple but important tip.

6-     Be careful for every detail while buying and ask about the neighborhood.
Is there a school in the district you are moving to? Is it a calm neighborhood? How far is it from your business place? All of those little factors can help boost your property’s value.

7-     Be real about prices.
Keep in your mind that every place the price changes from another. It all depends on where you are buying. For example, the square meter in Beirut’s price is higher than the square meter in Metn. Don’t expect it will all be the same.

8-    Don’t let your vision limit your imagination

Sometimes while visiting the properties, they aren’t ready yet, for example their furniture isn’t removed. Don’t see the apartment just like it is, but use your own imagination to see the apartment the way it will be after you make it your own style and furniture.
Check our decoration tips on:

9-     Get professional Help:
You can call us on 01- 616 000 now, all you have to do is give us all of your details and we will do our best to find you the most suitable property and take you plenty of visits.

We take care of our clients, and always leave them satisfied.

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Known for its Independent fashion boutiques, designed showrooms, bookshops and music bars, Mar Mikhael is one unique district that will never disappoint you.
 Living there is everything but dull. It’s the perfect place suitable for all ages. Whether you need a drink or just a book, it’s all there. It’s a place worth spending your lifetime in.


Are you looking for a place where your kids can enjoy, where they can play in a secure garden, without you having to worry about them?
How many times do you get home stressed, worried and depressed? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just shake the stress away by taking a walk in a beautiful calm backyard, where you can relax your nerves from your tough day?
Well, it may be your lucky day today, because you are reading what can help make your life a better one.

Choosing a place to call home is a tough decision… But now you don’t have to worry about this anymore, because not only we choose you a place to live, but we also make sure it’s the right one that suits you best.


For you apartment hunters, looking to get rid if your anxiety, MichelAnge is the place to be:
MichelAnge, located in Mar Mikhael, realized by the architects AAA, is composed of 11 floors, duplex, and will satisfy all your needs.
With its incredible sea view, the fa├žade on the street is glazed and contains plants, on different levels, which will keep this building breathing.
This building is like a get-away from all your problems, comfortable and beautifully designed, it is worth making it your home.
With its outstanding and unique look from the outside, it won’t disappoint you from the inside either.
If you are looking for a duplex, or just a small apartment, in this building, you will find whatever it is that you are looking for.

With an interior architecture that will please you, it’s worth every penny. Why did I say that?
You can take a look yourself and you will know.
No square meter is wasted; every inch that can be possibly used is taken advantage of for your benefits.
We can assure you, you are not paying your money for an apartment full of corridors and spaces you can’t use.

For more pieces of information please call: 01- 616 000.
The prices are reasonable.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this opportunity and call before it’s too late.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Property Management and fees

Property Management and fees

1- Management of the common parts of a building on behalf of all its owners: ensuring the smooth day to day running of the building, keeping all the amenities and utilities in good working order, such as lifts, electric generators, boilers, water wells and water pumps etc. Recruiting and employing a caretaker for the building and supervising his work on regular basis.

2- Legal and administrative services:
a. Issuing and distributing notices of general assembly meetings to all owners, and record minutes of the meetings.
b. Obtain all the necessary insurance certificates for the building.
c. Issue warnings for service charge arrears to the owners concerned and subsequently start legal proceedings to collect these charges.

3- Accounting services:
a. Preparation of a budget forecast for the coming year.
b. Issue service charge demands/ quarterly statement of accounts to each owner.
c. Issue an annual statement of account for the building expenses.
d. Collection of service charges from the co-owners.

Management services

Management services for rented apartments or whole rented building

1- Collecting rental incomes.
2- Registration of the tenancy contracts at the municipality.
3- Declaration of rental income and payment of taxes on behalf of the Landlord.
4- Building maintenance
5- Try to obtain the best possible price for the client and help him achieve capital gain/profit.



1- Rental valuation of the Landlord’s property
2- Incurring all charges for marketing and advertising clients’ properties in various media.
3- Showing prospective tenants around the property, and negotiate the best possible price agreeable to both parties.
4- Collect references for the prospective tenants (bank, employer, and previous Landlord). Collect a reservation deposit from the tenant in order to secure the property.
5- Drafting and signing Tenancy Agreements on behalf of the Landlord.
6- Registration of the Tenancy Agreements at the municipality.
7- Organizing inventory check-in and check-out at the beginning and end of the tenancies.
8- Renewing or terminating tenancy agreements at the end of the term.


Sales/Purchases :

1- Market valuation of the property, revised and updated on regular intervals.
2- Marketing and advertising clients’ properties at our own expense in various property publications (newspapers, magazines, leaflets, our own website).
3- Showing prospective purchasers around the property, and negotiate the best possible price agreeable to both parties.
4- Drafting contracts, introducing and liaising with the notary public in order to complete the purchase transaction and obtain the title deeds of the property in question.
5- Financial advice and assistance in obtaining bank loans.
6- Getting quotations for the total refurbishment and redecoration of the property
7- Help with the installation and connection of all utilities (telephone, electricity, etc)
8- Obtaining a home insurance certificate tailored to the clients own needs
9- In the case of Exclusive Agency Agreements, Sodeco Gestion will arrange the collection of all the certificates necessary to complete the purchasing transaction.


Sodeco Gestion is the first company that introduced the concept of property management in Lebanon. It was founded in 1996 by Libano-Francaise Bank and Mr. Joe Kanaan, who worked extensively in this field in Paris, France, for some 25 years. His wide knowledge of property market contributed to expansion of company. Today Sodeco Gestion is a leader in the property market, having several branches across Lebanon, with more than 40 highly experienced executives at your service.