Sunday, 28 July 2013


Known for its Independent fashion boutiques, designed showrooms, bookshops and music bars, Mar Mikhael is one unique district that will never disappoint you.
 Living there is everything but dull. It’s the perfect place suitable for all ages. Whether you need a drink or just a book, it’s all there. It’s a place worth spending your lifetime in.


Are you looking for a place where your kids can enjoy, where they can play in a secure garden, without you having to worry about them?
How many times do you get home stressed, worried and depressed? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just shake the stress away by taking a walk in a beautiful calm backyard, where you can relax your nerves from your tough day?
Well, it may be your lucky day today, because you are reading what can help make your life a better one.

Choosing a place to call home is a tough decision… But now you don’t have to worry about this anymore, because not only we choose you a place to live, but we also make sure it’s the right one that suits you best.


For you apartment hunters, looking to get rid if your anxiety, MichelAnge is the place to be:
MichelAnge, located in Mar Mikhael, realized by the architects AAA, is composed of 11 floors, duplex, and will satisfy all your needs.
With its incredible sea view, the fa├žade on the street is glazed and contains plants, on different levels, which will keep this building breathing.
This building is like a get-away from all your problems, comfortable and beautifully designed, it is worth making it your home.
With its outstanding and unique look from the outside, it won’t disappoint you from the inside either.
If you are looking for a duplex, or just a small apartment, in this building, you will find whatever it is that you are looking for.

With an interior architecture that will please you, it’s worth every penny. Why did I say that?
You can take a look yourself and you will know.
No square meter is wasted; every inch that can be possibly used is taken advantage of for your benefits.
We can assure you, you are not paying your money for an apartment full of corridors and spaces you can’t use.

For more pieces of information please call: 01- 616 000.
The prices are reasonable.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this opportunity and call before it’s too late.

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